Tag: child abuse

The McMartin Preschool Case: Satanic Panic and Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
Behind the Scenes of a Real-Life Special Victims Unit
Lisa McVey Talks About Outsmarting a Serial Killer When She Was 17
FBI Profiler John Douglas on the Racist Rampage of Joseph Paul Franklin
The Haunting Legacy of Ronald Clark O'Bryan, the Man Who Killed Halloween
Predicting a Serial Killer: Is the Macdonald Triad Fact or Myth?
John Wayne Gacy's Childhood: 'Killer Clown' Serial Killer Was Victim of Abuse
How Did USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Get Away with So Much Sexual Abuse?
Elusive 'Beauty Queen Killer' Led Double Life as a Florida Playboy
Why Munchausen by Proxy Can Be So Hard to Prove in Court

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