Biography: WWE Legends

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Season 2 (5)

2 Seasons | 13 Episodes, 13 Unlocked

Episode 1 Undertaker
S 2 E 1


Aired on Jul 10, 2022

Learn the never-before-heard story of the man behind WWE’s greatest character of all time–The Undertaker. Growing up in Texas, Mark Calaway loved wrestling so much he gave up a college basketball career to learn the ropes and became the most notorious villain in WWE history. Starting with his introduction at the 1990 Survivor Series, the 6’10 Undertaker loomed over the WWE for 3 decades, thrilling and terrifying fans and competitors, and amassing a staggering number of titles and records. However, The Deadman is more than his legendary character.

Episode 2 Goldberg
S 2 E 2


Aired on Jul 17, 2022

How did a nice Jewish boy from Oklahoma become an unstoppable WWE Superstar earning an unprecedented record of 173-0? This episode follows the story of Goldberg, a wrecking machine who dominated his competitors with brute force. Dogged by drama following his controversial match against the legend Bret Hart, Goldberg stepped out of the ring for 12 years. However, Goldberg returned to the squared circle winning his second Universal Championship in front of his proud son before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

Episode 3 The Bella Twins
S 2 E 3

The Bella Twins

Aired on Jul 24, 2022

Get ready for some twin magic. This episode chronicles Brie and Nikki’s journey from waitresses to WWE Superstars and pop culture icons. Success in sports got the Bellas through a difficult childhood and helped them survive personal traumas. That competitive spirit led them to a groundbreaking career in wrestling, capturing the Divas Championship and satisfying their Bella Army with their hit reality shows. The Twins are still kicking ass as moms, entrepreneurs, and as WWE Hall of Famers.

Episode 4 Kurt Angle
S 2 E 4

Kurt Angle

Aired on Jul 31, 2022

This episode tells the incredible story of 1996 Olympic gold medalist and four-time WWE Champion, Kurt Angle. Angle’s unparalleled competitive streak and physical power made him one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time, beating some of the great Superstars of The Attitude Era. But years of injuries and multiple broken necks drove Angle to a pain pill dependency that almost took the wrestling machine out. With the help of his family, Angle recovered from addiction and in 2017 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Episode 5 Lex Luger
S 2 E 5

Lex Luger

Aired on Aug 07, 2022

This episode shares the story of WWE Legend Lex Luger–The Total Package. Boasting an impressive physique, Luger was given the moniker “The Narcissist” and later “The All American” by Vince McMahon himself. Luger found his home with the WCW, and his matches helped cement the legendary rivalry between WWE and WCW. But Luger’s winning streak came to a grinding halt with drug and alcohol abuse, jail time, and the tragic death of his girlfriend, Miss Elizabeth.

 6 DX
S 2 E 6


Premieres on Aug 14, 2022

In the 90’s , no one was ready for ready for the infamous faction known as D-Generation X. They completely transformed what was possible to “get away with” on live television. Was DX a reflection of the culture at the time? Either way, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Chyna began a revolution and Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac escalated it to the next level. At time offensive, profane, and rebellious–but always entertaining. DX found fame and fortune along the way–but they would pay an enormous price for success.

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